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Football Free Bets

The beginning of the European professional football season is right around the corner. Football is easily the most popular game on the planet and the betting opportunities are endless. You can bet on small clubs, tournaments, larger leagues like Barclay’s Premier League and La Liga or even international matches. The action on the football pitch is nonstop. Get your money in the game and start betting on football today with some of the great free bets available!

Football is a game played on a wide pitch between teams of eleven players each. There is a spherical ball that the players try to kick into a goal. No one can use their hands except the goalie, who tries to keep the ball from going into the goal. The game is relatively simple and lasts for about 90 minutes. Watch a game for yourself and see how addicting the game play is!

Last year’s Premier League football season was full of excitement. This season looks no different. The Premier League is the top professional football league in England and is very fertile for bookies. The exciting off season transfers and trades will provide audiences and betters much to watch. There are so many big teams and well known players with large personalities. Will Chicharito keep up his fine work for Manchester United? Will Chelsea be the unstoppable powerhouse that we expect them to be? Will Arsenal disappoint their fans again or can they finally find a way to win? These dramatic stories will raise the stakes for every game and bring more money into the betting pool. Every game is a big game in a sport as intense as football.

The most important professional leagues in the world are the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie A. All four of these leagues feature world famous stars playing for such recognisable teams as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and AC Milan. The Serie A begins on August 27th. La Liga, which features Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, begins on August 21st. The Bundesliga, which features many players from the successful German and Dutch international squads, already started on August 5th. The most popular league in the United Kingdom, Barclay’s Premier League, begins on August 13th. Premier League games are well worth watching and will definitely attract bookies.

There are a number of bookies who specialise in English football. You can take your services to Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfred, Sky Bet, Paddy Power, Boylesports, Bwin and Tote Sport just to name a few. These bookie agencies specialize in football and can be trusted with your money. Thousands if not millions of people bet with these bookies every game. It is time you joined in on the fun!

Many bookie agencies offer you free bets to sweeten the deal. For example, Sky Bet will give you £25 each month to use to pay for your bets. Boylesports will give you £20. These bonuses make now a great time to start betting on games. With all this free money you have nothing to lose!

The football season will captivate nations and get people excited to place bets. There will be plenty of opportunities for grabbing some extra cash in the Premier League and other professional football leagues. The free betting is great and the games are incredible. Watch some of the best players in the world compete against each other and make bets at the same time! Find a bookie today.


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