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Mobile Phone Betting

We are living in a time in which 10 years ago, what had to be completed in person and on paper, could now be done millions of miles away with the use of a mobile phone. From paperback novels to E-Readers, from typewriters to desktops to laptops to now PC tablets, it is a little intimidating to accept that technology is moving at a pace faster than it ever has. Fortunately, not all of this change is uncomfortable. In fact, one of the most popular pastimes, casual gambling, is now easier and more accessible ever thanks to technology. Mobile phone betting has now emerged and is establishing itself as the future for all casual betting.

To place mobile bets, one would simply go to one of the many online gambling websites and either place their bets on live sports events or take part in the many assortment of online casino games available. Most recently, Stan James, one of the UKs largest gaming websites, has implemented smart phone apps that allow one to play poker, blackjack, and many other games directly onto your smart phone. Even more impressive is the fact that many websites offer a signup bonus that provides gamblers with house credits that will allow them to place free bets. Stan James offers 150 pounds with the first bets. Betfair, another global online betting service, offers up to 1000 pounds cash back.

Mobile phone betting produces profits of almost two to four billion pounds every year. It is immensely popular with bookies and gambling services. By utilising this newer form of technology, online casinos and bookmakers can now attract a new generation, ensuring more profits and even more income. According to a Juniper Research report, by 2015, the total sum waged for the United States alone will be greater than $58 billion dollars. This is an astounding figure, with profits that rival any other brick and mortar gambling services. Is it no wonder online bookies are now looking for ways to take advantage of such a growing lucrative industry?

Although the advantages to mobile betting are greater than ever before, there are some disadvantages, though. The first would be that one would need a corresponding mobile phone to place free bets and play games. Most modern mobile casino games now require smart phones, especially touchpad phones such as the Iphone or Android. If you still use a flip phone, you may not be able to play at all. Second, like most online activities, one would need a signal, whether wi-fi or 3g, to actually play games. Without mobile connectivity, you will be left out. The third disadvantage would be the possibility that underage gamblers may take part in games, especially due to the sheer number of players that are coming onboard. Age filters are now being utilised to prevent underage gambling.

Mobile betting is a very easy way to attract an entire new generation of gamblers looking to seek a quick fortune. Within seconds, one could get started in a game and engage in an exciting poker tournaments or take part in betting various live events. With the rise of technology, and the usage of devices like tablets and smartphones, it is important to remember that mobile betting is here to stay.


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